Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In my long journey of life in this very short period of time reaching almost different parts of India and now standing here at Tuticorin just near to Knayakumari (Tamilnadu), the southern most part of India as my place of posting under Govt of India. But as I was born in Manipur as Manipuri with the race of Mongoloid on the extreme North Eastern States of India.

        When I tried to find a place for we mongoloid or peoples of this region; a region of rich diverse flora and fauna which can be use for a bigger prospect in future biological scientific development, a region rich in environment friendly system of existence, so a model region for creating a new environment regarding this solution of global warming, a region rich in full of Arts and culture and which can be a source of making a change in the mindset of the peoples at there, a region rich in natural beauty with human’s best hospitality and can be a source of widening aspect of Tourism, a region rich in sportsmanship and can be a source of bringing friendship and brotherhood among the peoples; on the Indian mainland and Indian Map where we used to get different peoples from U.P., Bihar, Rajasthani, kashmiri, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Marathi and so on with their rich resource and getting a nice place and share on India’s Political and Socio-Economic Diversity.

           Except we are known or called as (by North Indians) Nepali Bhai or Chinki-pinki or something some thing and a little bit a better on this southern side of India where there is nothing like separation among the race. I don’t know what is the criteria for setting up a highest railway line like in Laddhakh in Kashmir valley instead in states like Manipur where there is no rail connectivity. I don’t know what is the criteria for setting up any of the best research centre for science and technology like we have in different parts of India instead in this part also.

      I don’t know what is the criteria for setting up or improving the condition of already existed institutions and organization in a wider prospect to have better connectivity. Here comes the subject of political science which rules the nation, masses and peoples; so whether we need to redefine the very definition of this vast and very important term “Political Science” to this group of representatives of the masses or we need to wait to die.

Written by A.D. Singh (Inspector Central Customs & Excise)

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